Friday, 8 October 2010


Its been a long while.. ..sort of an understatement I think.

The last time I wrote on this blog I was in someone's am back home. Its taken me awhile but i think am settled now. Well if you call still staying at your fathers house and still driving your mums car as settled then I am as settled as it gets!

I have decided to enter back into the world of blogging so help me GOD.

I am at work today, on a not soo hot Friday afternoon, BBC weather says its raining in Accra, but I cant see any clouds..the clouds I see from my office window look bright..not the dark thunder lightning clouds.Am thinking about how to spend the Saturday.Got some house hunting to do.(well that is another story all together for another day and am sure I can write a whole book on it..well another day..)I think I have finally decided on it, but want to see it for the final time this weekend before I give the go ahead.

I am making a modest pledge of posting 1 blog per week come what may.rain or shine.