Friday, 5 March 2010

Chicks or what?

I wonder what goes into people selecting a church to attend. Is it nearness , friends, or just to mix in with some sort of crowd. I remember attending a particular church when I was in my teens mostly because most of my classmates attended that church. I felt left out especially because on Monday mornings I couldn’t partake in the chats of how interesting church was on Sunday.

I therefore decided to mix with this special Sunday crowd, my mum didn’t particularly like the idea since I was changing from an orthodox/protestant church to a very charismatic hand clapping, foot thumping, no lipstick, kind of church. Well it wasn’t so much different (fundamentally I mean) from our hymn singing sometimes ‘’ebibi nyom’’ kind of church afterall. I enjoyed it so much I attended church there till I moved to boarding house.

By the way as I have mentioned orthodox church , I have found that what we mean by orthodox in Ghana-Roman, Presby, Anglican, Methodist isn’t what the outside call orthodox. In Europe and elsewhere Orthodox is really orthodox—old..Greek,Armenian,Ethiopian, eastern European kind of churches. We aren’t so orthodox after all.

Recently a friend (well most of my friends) have started attending a particular church in town. The word is that there are lots of chicks there. And well I agree with them on that one. Don’t ask me how I know, but I just happen to. The chicks in that church are really ‘’blessed’’ in all aspects.

In University I happened to attend a particular famous church in town, because , the conditions to attend church there was too great only the devil would have refused. On Sundays special buses were dispatched to campus mid-morning. Exactly at the same time that orthodox churches on campus finished sermon. These special buses would ferry anyone to and from campus. And not only that; after church there was special takeaway fried rice and chicken for those saints of us who have gone through all the trouble just to attend church service.Fried rice and chicken! Exclaimed any hungry guy who heard of this treat, when is the next service? “Charlie make you remind me next week ohhh…. make I go chop some”