Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Suicide or Homicide.

Do you know the main difference between a white man and blackwoman. I mean apart from the fact of the differences in skin colour,blushing,poverty… mode of having sex etc.etc. Yeah apart from this,, there is also another significant difference,. Let me tell you,

Whites commit suicide and blacks homicide. Think about it!

No black person, be they African, African American, Blacktino or Chinegro ever die on their own.

In Africa no person ever die on their own. They are always murdered by somebody. Even a 99 year old sick woman dies because of a witch or wizard in the family who wants to settle a stone age family feud..

In America, blacks die and there is a huge conspiracy!. Think Tupac, Biggie Smalls.
Compare and contrast Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, both stars in their own right, they die in the twilight of their careers. Cause of murder? MJ’s was a homicide, Elvis suicide.

Shit how many blacks commit suicide. Behind every black suicide there is a murderer waiting to be found.

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