Friday, 26 February 2010

The Noah principle

I heard this principle/rule from a friend. I thought I have heard of all these stuff but this was quite new to me and so I thought I would share them with you. It is called the Noah principle (means: predicting rain won't save anyone! build an ark). I have put my own meanings to it though, but the principle remains the same.

As some would remember, Noah according to the Bible saved humanity from extinction by building an ark (hence he just didn’t predict rain but also offered a solution by building an ark). Those who have not heard the story it has the same plot as the movie where Morgan Freeman plays GOd. Whats the name*:-))))

1. Build some arks.
We have to build arks when we have a problem and not just predict a rainfall. Predicting rainfall is so stone age, even the Ghana Meteo Service can do it.

2. Get on board.
You’ve got to share the problem as well as the solution. Don’t forget the reaction Noah got. But the conviction to be heard was there.

3. Show up on time and be prepared. Don’t miss the boat.
The rain as you’ve predicted will surely come. Make sure you don’t get locked out of your own boat. It will be folly if after all you get caught out.

In short, act your solution.

5. Have faith. Build confidence

Have faith,confidence,balls etc in your abilities.Remember that Noah was not a boat builder, most probably he might have been a small scale farmer, yet her went ahead to build a big ark.

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