Friday, 2 January 2009

In case you have missed it, most Ghanaians and I mean most-now believe that the NDC as a party is a better democrat than the NPP (if you don’t believe it please check the electoral results!) This change of belief happened very recently over just a few days ago.

In a few days the NPP has undone decades of its hard earned reputation.

It is hard to believe that the NPP and some of its supporters are in denial of this fact. They just cannot/would not believe that they have lost the elections. I can tell you now that if the elections are run again, the NDC would win by a comfortable margin.!! I know this for a fact that most of the people who voted NPP even in just the past re-run would vote NDC the next time around.

It has come as a shock to most people (me included)that the NPP is going to this extent just to cling to power . In case you are not aware, Ghanaians are sporting (characteristically and culturally speaking) . This is why when the Prof accepted defeat 8 years ago, people praised him (even though some of his party members were not pleased with him.)

The unfortunate thing is that NPP is being very short sighted in thinking of only this election (there are many more to come) because it would be interesting to know how they are going to come back next 4 years and what would be their message. They have lost their 2 main themes – that :
1. Ghanaians are now better off- the voters clearly rejected this claim. and
2. the NPP is made of idealist democrats, has good governance and all the blah blah we usually hear– ( there is a new definition on who an NPP democrat is …it entered our vocabulary a few days ago.. but this is a story for another day)

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